Propane Transport Services

Since 1980, Longhorn Propane’s modern transport fleet has delivered propane to distributors and consumers in the central and south Texas area. Longhorn Propane’s fleet also specialize in the special handling of refrigeration grade spec propane to gas plants in the region and related natural gas liquids transport movements to and from area gas plants an refineries.

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Transport Services

  • Large Commercial Wholesale Propane Delivery via Our Own Propane Transports
  • Commercial Propane for South Texas
  • Wholesale Propane Supply

Eagle Ford Shale

  • Propane Transportation Services
  • NGL Transport Services
  • LP Gas Transportation
  • Propane Wholesale

Refrigerant Grade

  • R290 high purity propane for refrigeration, cooling systems and cryogenic gas plants
  • Available via large transport or Bobtail truck delivery for bulk suppliers or in smaller quantities cylinders) by request for HC refrigerant requirements.

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